One of my to-do’s during my hiatus after graduation was to starting creating my own blog site. It was supposed to premier on May but after seeing my friend’s Facebook post that she already made a new one, I then immediately typed “” on the address bar. And the rest is on my History page.

Why “thenewalphabet”. The username popped into my mind because of my real name (pun intended). And to dig deeper, perhaps starting this blog will not let my literary me rust as I myself is slowly detaching on the hope that an employer will call. Don’t get me wrong, I’m merely exaggerating. My musings about employment will be posted on the coming days.

Nevertheless, I won’t let the writer in me rust. I promise to keep my mind and fingers busy typing on my ideas that I usually don’t talk about. I’ll let myself wonder beyond limits. I’ll let my imagination and my inner self take over because, as I once said to a friend…

My mind speaks better than my lips. However, the heart has not yet been given the chance to speak for itself and therefore cannot tell on who’s best among the three.


Enjoy 🙂


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