The heart is a defective traffic light,

confusing lovers with its ever changing


yellow, and



Nevertheless, the traffic clog should end.

I have to move on.


So, I kick hard on the brake,

break my initial course,

step on the gas pedal

and make a U-turn –

to you, my alternative route.




This poem was published in The Hub (2011), the literary-arts folio of the Commerce JournalThe story behind this poem? I was on my way home and it was raining cats and dogs. It was evening and the jeepney way stuck along the busy streets of Juan Luna and Tayuman. The raindrops and car lights seem to flicker the idea of this poem in my mind. As for the persona, the Editor-In-Chief at that time (Kuya Art) noted on how I was able to create a poem in a man’s perspective. I was not even aware of it, really. But then another writer once said that good writers have the canny ability to write something they have not yet even experienced.

This poem is just one of the few love poems I have made. I promised myself I won’t create another again (or will I.)

Detour is dedicated to the people who were ‘used’ as rebounds by the person they like. At some point in our lives, we may have been in that course but the journey is long enough. Sooner or later, we’ll find someone we might tailgate or better yet, park on that corner and enjoy life.


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