In search of a new reading

Every time I happen to be in a mall, I make it a point to visit the bookstore to check (of course), books. Slowly my eyes examine every title in the Bestsellers section, Classics, Sci-Fi, Thriller… (name your genre). Admittedly, I am an impulsive buyer of books. The last book I bought was the drama-suspense The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (We were just hanging out in a mall and we stepped inside the store. When we came out, I already had the book with me.) While my bibliographic cravings are yet to be satisfied once again, here’s what’s happening: I am in the verge of buying a book but my conscience always stops me. Why? Here are my reasons:

a. The book is pricy. Let’s admit it. Reading is an expensive hobby. That’s why only few people read books. True story.

b. The book is not worth it. People say that the inflow of something should be compensated by the monetary outflow. In the end, it’s all about money and the value you receive from it. I don’t want to be disappointed with something I bought. Unfortunately, it happened when I bought I Am Number Four and I swear I should have just watched the film than reading it because the storytelling did not match my reading level. I don’t want it to happen again.

c. The book can’t hurdle the standard of the previously read book. I may have been suffering from post-novel series, the inability to move on from a resident page to a foreign one. It’s like clinging too much on a storyline that has already ended. You refuse to close a book and open a new one. Instead, you keep on comparing even if you are not credible enough on your piece. Here’s what happened to me:

Like most Potter fans, I have grown with the characters of the book. J.K. Rowling inspired me to pursue my writing and not to give up living my imagination and creativity through words. After the series wrapped up, I thought that it would be over for me as well. I opened my eyes to new readings but they just can’t give me the same degree of impact Harry had left me. Later on, I exposed myself to a different genre offered by Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy. I became more excited as I had gone deeper into Lisbeth Salander’s life. That’s also why I bought The Shadow of the Wind because it’s a rip-off of The Angel’s Game. From then on, I realized that the cure for this ‘sickness’ is ‘to stick to the series’. But I guess it’s not exactly a cure because it will just delay my search for the new book I’ll immerse myself into. (I told myself I’d buy The Hunger Games series but the future of it being played in the silver screen stops me.)

So, what now? While I plan on rereading my Finance books, I’ll still be looking for the next book of my life. I have some prospects and maybe on my next visit to the store, I’ll end up buying one. You may wonder why I talk about books this much. Let’s just say that if other girls fancy the beach, fashion, cute artists, and girly stuff, I’d rather stay in one corner with my book. Fair enough?

** You can comment your book suggestions. They are highly appreciated. 🙂


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