Lessons after class

Next week, I am back to waking up early. Not for school but for the new ‘house’ I’m moving in to… the office. And before I’ll be officially one of the millions strutting along the concrete jungles of Makati, here are some of the lessons that I’ve learned during my unemployed days. My teacher? Who else but the so-called LIFE.


The world is unfair. This is an overstatement and it seemed selfish for me. For the past months, I felt that the world was against me because I still haven’t got THE job. It may seem overdramatic but you can’t blame a fresh graduate from feeling so. The feeling of getting left behind while your colleagues are finally saying yes to job offers… makes you bitter. I was, too. There are times that I am sullen and almost becoming hopeless. You unconsciously compare yourself towards others. You then, tend to question yourself, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ‘How come I never get offers?’ When you get to hear a colleague finally having a job, you smile for them but at the end of the day, you get to ask, ‘What about me?’


Good things come to those who wait. My mom, who seems to be irritated when seeing me so down, calmly assured me that the right one will come. I just have to WAIT. At first, I felt that those words are just too easy to say because ‘waiting’ is a difficult task to perform. Human nature pulls us to the other side of waiting — to be impatient and rush things. But then I realized impatience will lead me nowhere and that I have to simply TRUST that something is finally on its way for me. (I hope you will too.)


Finding the perfect versus the right job. (adapted from a Yahoo! article) Once you get invites for job interviews and exams, you’ll have the tendency to be choosy if pursuing such company or industry will get you somewhere. Would I work for a small, medium, large, multinational, outsourcing, or domestic company? Day, mid, or night shift? Makati, Taguig, Ortigas, Quezon City? Below my minimum salary expectation? All these choices are mixed, matched, and packaged on the perfect and the right job.            

So what’s the difference between the two? Some would rather enter a company just for experience and later on move to another. On the other hand, some would stay and earn their tenure while others will just go with the flow on their career. But it’s important that in whatever job you’re getting into, make sure you really, really want the position and you can live every day of your life going to the office and doing your work.


Enjoy your unemployed days… you deserve the break! Rather than being remorseful of your situation, turn them into precious, memorable, and the numbered moments you’ll have before starting your work. It’s time to execute the long-delayed escapades. Hang out and catch up with friends. Bond with your family. School has many demands, including the time we could have spent with the people we love and on the activities we enjoy doing. Sixteen years of schooling just deserves a break before starting your career. It’s not wrong to be bum, but just make sure you’re doing your part in the job hunting process.


You can read helpful job hunting advices on: http://career-services.monster.com/yahooarticle/ten-jobsearch-mistakes-of-new-college-grads#WT.mc_n=yta_fpt_article_new_grad_job_search_mistakes.