Binge TV Theory: Homeland (Brody dies, Carrie carries on with the baby, Quinn steps in)

While Carrie’s surprising pregnancy has ‘sickened’ viewers, I think it made sense not just on the perspective of her affair with Brody. Carrie carrying a child is part of her character development. It’s the way Homeland remind us that Carrie is a woman (you may be scoffing but she’s the pure heroine in the show) and in a feminist’s POV, she has been incredible in her work. Somehow, Claire Danes‘ interview with Charlie Rose implied that Carrie will keep the baby despite the binge-drinking, stressful workplace, and that cigarette that irked viewers.

However, I had this feeling that between Brody and the baby, only one will be left alive. I’m convinced that the ‘see you on the other side’ (goodbye) is a foreshadowing of Brody’s fate. And I don’t think Homeland will build in this crazy family setup of a bipolar CIA agent and a POW/terrorist/congressman/alleged bomber/most wanted/junkie/marine-one-last-time. And with the possibility of Brody’s departure, Quinn steps in.

Quinn is an anti-Carrie but he’s much like her. He’s torn in his job in the CIA and his conscience largely convinces him that ‘anything doesn’t justifies the damage they do’. Quinn’s the only person who treated Carrie as a human being (even Saul used her as a puppet for his grandiose plans). While we’re still confirming/anticipating if Quinn has already or developed feeling for Carrie (more than the professional level or mutual respect as what Rupert Friend suggested), I think Carrie’s pregnancy will bring them closer and that’s a window for a potential relationship. We all know that Quinn’s shady job didn’t allow him to be with his ex-gf and son. Carrie’s pregnancy could be an opportunity for Quinn to mend his mistakes. He’s the only one (yet) who knows Carrie’s condition so that will give him another reason to be more protective and really take care of her. Despite her being so stubborn, Quinn has been really patient on Carrie. The baby storyline would probably test Carrie in a way she’ll be keeping her sanity. Who knows, Carrie will finally realize Quinn’s good intentions and that should kick off what this ship has been rooting for ever since.


This is my first ever TV theory post. If you’re a Homeland fan, I’d like to know your opinion. If not, watch the series so we’ll be in the same boat.

As much as possible, I wrote this objectively despite my strong bias on Quinn. Season 3 has only three remaining episodes so we’ll see 🙂