“Sketches in Q” – a Homeland fan fic

“Sketches in Q” – a Homeland fan fic


Because he’s my favorite character.

Because he’s not the typical CIA agent/assassin.

Because no matter how tough he is, you can see it in his eyes that he struggles with his feelings for Carrie. (Season 4!)

Because RUPERT FRIEND makes Quinn’s lovesickness so believable that I jumped to the Quinn-Carrie ship (but just right after S03E08 because I have to be certain of my feelings for them as well).

Because other than the romantic aspect, Rupert makes Quinn so humane and I hope to see more of his personal side in the next season (even if there are many new characters now).

Because I miss HOMELAND. Come back to me soon! Less than three months to go!


*To the person who wrote this fan fic, thank you because you just made my most favorite fan fic. 🙂


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